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It's getting a little easier to be green these days. There are ten new greenmarkets opening around the city, spreading around the summer bounty of fresh produce. One of the city's goals in creating the new markets is to make seasonal produce more accessible to low-income city residents. To this end, many of the greenmarkets will take senior coupons, WIC coupons, and EBT cards. The new Greenmarket locations, hours of operation and opening dates are as follows:

- City Hall: Chambers & Broadway
Fridays, 8 AM - 5 PM; Opened in June

- Presbyterian Hospital: St. Nicholas between 167th & 168th Streets
Saturdays, 8AM - 5PM; Opens July 1st

- Hell's Kitchen: 43rd St between 9th & 10th Avenues Saturdays, 8AM - 5PM; Opens July 1st

- Harlem Hospital: Malcolm X Boulevard between 135th & 137th Streets
Thursdays, 8AM - 5PM; Opens July 6th

- 82nd Street/St Stephens: 82nd Street between 1st & York Avenues
Saturdays, 10AM - 3PM; Opens July 8th

- 92nd St/Holmes/Isaacs Towers: 92nd Street & 1st Avenue
Sundays, 9AM - 5PM; Opens July 9th

- Orchard Street: Orchard between Broome & Delancy Streets
Sundays, 10AM - 5PM; Opens July 9th

- 26th St/Phipps Housing: East 26th between 2nd Avenue & Mt. Carmel
Tuesdays, 8AM - 5PM; Opens July 11th

- Bronx Borough Hall: Grand Concourse between 156th & 158th Streets
Tuesdays, 8AM - 6PM; Opens July 11th

- Mt Sinai: 99th Street & Madison Avenue
Fridays, 8AM - 5PM; Opens July 14th

Upper Green Side was on hand for the opening of the 92nd Street and 1st Avenue Greenmarket - Mayor Bloomberg was there! For more on the city's greenmarkets, visit the NYC Greenmarket website.