2005_10_pomegranate.jpgGothamist's favorite fall fruit by far is the pomegranate. Just don't look for it at the farmers' market. Without the proper dry, hot climate, local farmers can't produce these tart, ruby-red fruits, which makes us thankful for long-distance produce. You can find them at most supermarkets and we've also spotted them on lots of street produce carts. Prized by the Greeks (both ancient and modern) and the Jews, among many others, pomegranates have long been a symbol of fertility because of their juicy arils, packed tight within the fruit.

It takes a little patience to open the fruit and extract the arils, but it's not difficult once you know how. While there's plenty of recipes out there to make use of the pomegranate itself and/or its juice, our favorite way to eat them is out of hand. (They're just too irresistible to not eat as you're picking them out of their pods.)

Occasionally, though, we'll have enough restraint to not eat them right away but instead put them on top of cereal or mixed with Greek yogurt. So if you've never tried a pomegranate, now is the time. And if you're a pomegranate fan already, please share your favorite way to eat them.