Folks in need of a vegan snack and espresso in Chinatown need look no further than The Good Sort, which opened on Doyers Street last week.

The lovely little Australian-meets-Chinese cafe is the brainchild of Eddy Buckingham and Jeff Lam, whose contemporary Cantonese restaurant, Chinese Tuxedo, is located in the same building. Unlike their previous venture, however, The Good Sort is a twelve-seat casual space, serving up coffee, teas and low-key house-made savory and sweet treats.

Highlights include signature lattes—made with Vittoria Coffee beans—like "Gold," made with tumeric; "Blue," with algae, and "Black," with sesame and charcoal. Chinese herbal teas are similarly designated by color, with names like "White" (Peony Mai Du Dan) and "Green" (Mao Jian Jade).

Bites include house-made sweet and savory congee; as well as vegan and gluten-free sweets like lemon thyme muffins and chocolate beetroot cake. Fuel up at the cafe's horseshoe-shaped counter, then stroll down Doyers Street, which has a fascinating (and bloody!) history.

The Good Sort is located at 5 Doyers Street near Bowery in Chinatown (646-895-9301).