Have food trucks jumped the shark Gap? The once inescapable clothier has decided to follow in the recent footsteps of many other companies by introducing its own temporary food truck. But unlike most promotional food trucks, the Gap's "Pico de Gap" food vehicle will not be offering its fare for free (unless you've got a receipt for jeans bought on the same day).

Now, to be fair, the new truck, which debuts tonight at Movies at Riverside Park and will be running around town till September 30, isn't expensive by any means. For $1.69 you get two tacos, a beverage and a coupon worth $20 towards a pair of Gap's 1969 jeans. And it does have a semi-legit pedigree, with Billy Joel's ex Katie Lee providing the recipes for the truck in New York (Top Chef's Marcel Vigneron is doing the truck in LA, Ryan Scott is doing the truck in San Francisco, and Rick Gresh is doing a truck in Chicago). But still, something about it just seems odd. And it isn't just how the side of the truck, which you can follow here, says "¡From your amigos at Gap!"

With legitimate small-business food trucks having an increasingly hard time finding prime locations, do we really need another corporate truck taking up space?