Sadly the spectacular (and maybe a bit disturbing) weather we've been having will not last forever. In fact, the forecast for the weekend is wet and not nearly as warm. So best to make the most of it, right? Right.

We've already told you a bunch of places that you can hit up right now but we'd like to add an important addition to the list. Everyone's favorite sipping ship, the Lightship Frying Pan, is back for the season! Outdoor drinks, literally on the Hudson River, at sunset, in Spring? Don't mind if we didgeridoo.

Though its voicemail says otherwise their Facebook tells the truth. They are open: last night there was a big happy crowd filling both levels of the place. And tonight, once again, we are ready to start drinking in the last few hours of warm, warm sunshine.

Pier 66a at West 26th Street and the Hudson River