As a kid, apple juice was a daily enjoyment. As an adult, it’s been relegated to the few short weeks where the air gets a little cooler and the layers of clothes a little thicker. And soon enough memories of apple picking start to float in our heads. The craving hit us early Friday morning. We stopped off at the Green Market in Union Square on the way to work and picked up a little jug of freshly pressed cider. After all, we had to give into our seasonal indulgence.

The first two glasses were unadulterated and perfect. The restrained sweetness, the layers of flavor and full body of the cider made it perfect on its own, but we suspected it might be a great ingredient to play with for some evening cocktails. If the best drinks start with fresh ingredients, our jug of juice was looking like the perfect foundation for some weekend imbibing. If you’re feeling that temptation of the apple as well, here are a few favorite cocktail recipes to hold you over…

Adam’s Apple
1/2 shot Vodka
1/2 shot Galliano
Apple juice

Add the vodka and Galliano to a highball glass and mix.
Add ice and fill with apple juice.

Diaz Drink
2 oz Vanilla Vodka
Apple juice
Ginger ale
2 Lime wedge

Add ice, then lime and vodka to a highball glass.
Fill with equal parts apple juice and ginger ale.

What’s the Rush?
1 shot Apple juice
3 shots Lemon-lime soda - 7-Up or Sprite
1 shot Jameson Irish Whiskey

Add ice to a highball glass.
Pour in Whiskey, Apple juice and Soda.
Stir and garnish with a maraschino cherry.

And while you’re at the market, might as well pick up a chunk of cheddar to nibble on with your cocktails. That's a combination that's even harder to resist.