It was a triumphant day for NYC craft beer lovers when beloved subterranean drinking nook Jimmy's No. 43 reopened following closure in the aftermath of the Second Avenue explosion. But instead of just reopening, the bar is changing up its food game to usher in this next chapter—and it'll involve some very animated french fries.

Jimmy's has always served food—and does great pop-ups/food events—but now they're starting the next generation of tasty vittles in the kitchen, with the debut of Tito King's Kitchen at Jimmy's No. 43 next Tuesday. As the story goes, Jimmy Carbone met chef King Phojanakong a decade ago and the two have since collaborated during big food events like Pig Island and developed an affinity for one another's business and cuisine, respectively. Ahh, we love a good meet-cute.

(Jess Nash)

So what'll be coming out of the kitchen now? Thai and filipino street foods like Lumpia (Pork Spring Rolls), Adobo Chicken Wings, Pork belly Tacos with Thai chili lime sauce and even a whole roasted pig ("Lecheron") if you can get it together and order in advance. But it's the Halo Halo Fries that really caught our attention as they'll come topped with sauteed pork, Japanese kewpie mayo and bonito flakes. You may recognize the flakes as the gossamer wisps of dried fish that "wave" up at you from atop takoyaki and other Japanese dishes. The polite thing to do: wave back consume immediately.