So uh...there's been some pretty crazy pizza news recently, huh? And that's not even getting into the whole "Pizza Hut franchise threatens to fire hurricane evacuees in Florida" thing. Someone has to rescue pizza's reputation this instant, and fortunately the 5 Boro Pizza Challenge is back just in time for a one thousand percent real pizza eating contest/safe streets fundraiser.

The 5 Boro Challenge is back this year for another day of racing around the city in an attempt to have a slice in each borough faster than anyone else can do it. For the uninitiated, the pizza race works like this: you and other pizza maniacs meet at Washington Square Park on Saturday, September 23rd at 10 a.m., where the mystery list of five pizzerias around the city will be released.

We came in 3rd - it was a fun day with good peeps #5boropizzachallenge #3rdplace

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From there, it's up to you to figure out how to get to each pizza place, one in each borough, have a slice, and post a picture of yourself doing so on Instagram with the hashtag #5boropizzachallenge. The only rule is you can't get around with the use of a car of any kind, so you've gotta rely on the subways, buses, a bike or your feet. Put on some decent walking shoes if you're gonna do that.

Final stop on the tour pier 76 in Staten Island #5boropizzachallenge #5boropizzatour #hal #kem

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The whole thing is a fundraiser for Transportation Alternatives, so in case you were a little (understandably) gun shy about pizza festivals, you can figure that TA wouldn't attach themselves to a pizza scam. The challenge will run you $30, part of which goes to the safe streets group, and if you register by September 15th you can get yourself a T-shirt AND a finisher's medal. After all, you'll have proof you ate all that pizza in the form of that rock in your stomach, but strangers will need to know about your accomplishment some other way.