Despite an earnest campaign to save it, beloved Broadway fixture Cafe Edison will close on Sunday night. Word came to Jeremiah's Vanishing New York that the 34-year-old restaurant will remain open "until the last person leaves," most likely in tears. "People are walking out of here crying," explains the owner's son Jordan Strohl.

The fight for Cafe Edison had been waged since November, when word of the closure first hit. Since then, fans have organized Lunch Mobs, social media campaigns and other efforts to keep the restaurant alive. Even NYC politicos got in on the action. Strohl says despite all this, Hotel Edison owner Gerald Barad has declined to respond and therefore they'll be forced to shut their doors.

All's not lost, however. The family is hoping that with such a huge amount of interest they'll be able to find another space to re-home the cafe. "Six weeks ago, we would have just shut down, but the campaign to Save Cafe Edison re-inspired my family," Strohl told Moss. "We are committed to reopening in a new space, and to bringing our food and our family warmth back to the city." There will be one final mob for Cafe Edison's original home this weekend until the last matzoh ball has been eaten.