Dying to get some genetically-modified, fast-growing, ethically-precarious Frankenfish in your stomach? Well, today's the day, folks—in a groundbreaking announcement, the FDA has released a report that a brand of engineered salmon are safe, and we may soon be blessed with amped up bagels-and-lox brunches for all.

These souped-up super salmon, farmed by Massachusetts-based company AquaBounty, reportedly grow twice as fast as regular salmon because of added growth hormones, which seems to us like something totally safe to put inside your body, and also sounds suspiciously like the plot of Jack. Environmental groups have been voicing concern that the salmon, which are currently segregated from normal, non-scary fish, would harm and deplete the natural salmon population if they escaped into the wild.

But the FDA, which announced two years ago that the AquaBounty salmon didn't appear to hurt humans, say the fish are "as safe as food from conventional Atlantic salmon" and won't hurt any of the natural salmon. They'll be taking public comments on their report for the next 60 days before making it official, and if the fish are cleared, they'll be the first genetically-altered edible animals in the world, bringing us one-step closer to living in a universe overrun entirely by evil, gargantuan sea creatures.