2006_01_bubbleteastraw.jpgThere's a funny story in amNew York about diners finally using fat straws for thick milkshakes. Of course this makes all sorts of inherent sense, though there is something fun about needing to wield a spoon with a really great shake. But this is hardly new: Bubble tea drinks have been using fat straws because the tapioca pearls are sizable globules (even they get stuck). Anyway, we're sure that diners had to think about whether or not they wanted to splurge for fat straws (costs, still needing anorexic straws for other drinks), but will a fat straw allow too much shake? Will there be more cases of brainfreeze that go unreported to the health department?

What restaurant serves the thickest shakes in the city? Would you want a fat straw? And if you're interested in making your own bubble tea, check out Bubblefly.com - there are so many wacky components!