The controversy surrounding joke stealer and alternative exerciser The Fat Jew (aka Josh Ostrovsky) has extended into some unlikely territory: this year's New York City Wine & Food Festival. The highly branded, corporate-sponsored annual food event had selected the "comedian" to be the "celebrity" host for a Late Night Ramen Party during the festival's run in October, an event originally conceived, curated, organized and hosted by Kenji López-Alt, the popular food blogger and author known for his insightful column The Food Lab on Serious Eats.

Without informing López-Alt, Serious Eats or any of the event's participants, NYCWFF allegedly changed the event's masthead to prominently feature Ostrovsky, making it appear as if he'd been the event's organizer from the beginning. In a long post to Facebook yesterday, López-Alt revealed that he and the Serious Eats team made the difficult decision to leave the event entirely:

The Fat Jew is the antithesis of everything I represent in the media world. He unapologetically steals other people's work, stripping it of the creators' identities. He is a plagiarist, a thief, a misogynist, and absolutely the wrong choice of co-host for a food event, or really any respectable event. That it comes at a time when there's huge media backlash against him is even more baffling to me.

Despite a week's worth of alleged talks with NYCWFF organizers, López-Alt says "it became clear that the festival organizers were not backing down on their decision to include him." The original Facebook post, which has been edited multiple times since its first publication yesterday, implied sales of The Fat Jew's new wine line may have played a role. Since the post went up, all of the event's ramen participants have dropped out and it's unclear who will replace them.

NYCWFF organizers did not immediately return a request for comment.

"As an event ostensibly designed to raise money for charity, I grappled with the issues of potentially leaving them in the lurch," López-Alt continued on Facebook. The writer has since stated that he's looking for ways to host a new event that will benefit the Food Bank for New York City and No Kid Hungry, the two organizations who will benefit from the Ramen Party at NYCWFF. We're reached out to López-Alt for comment on the proceedings, his planned charity event and whether there have been—or will be—any repercussions for him, Serious Eats and the ramen restaurants that dropped out.

None of The Fat Jew's social media accounts have acknowledged the new controversy; guess we'll wait for the "apology" on a forthcoming flood blog.