Less than three years after opening, the LES lounge The Eldridge is closing next week. According to the Post owner Matt Levine has sold his lease for $500k along with assurances that the new owner not use the name "Eldridge" and that the bookstore facade be changed. All of which gives us a great excuse to revisit some of the awesomely douch-y plans that Levine announced for the space way back in 2008.

In a still great interview Levine let slip such wondrous lines like:

  • "We’re going to have a hospitality consultant that’s going to talk to people and figure out what they need. Their wish is our command. Rather than security guards, we’re going to call them chaperones. Rather than waitresses, they’re table attendants. Rather than bartenders, we’re calling them butlers."

  • "We’re going to run a very tight door. It’s who you are and who you know. Yes, bottle service is part of the experience, and it involves chocolates!"

  • “As far as the vibe goes, the people who go to the Eldridge, they’re not in the city on weekends.”

  • And “we’re not doing a lot of press. We’re going to be cool because we’re cool, not because we have a publicist doing press for us.”

In the end, sadly for all of us, the space did get a fair amount of press thanks to (publicist publicized) drop-bys of celebs like Beyoncé, Jay-Z, John Legend, Pink and Prince.

So what is next for Levine now that he's out of the lounge business? He hopes to open a restaurant on the Lower East Side "soon." He was previously involved in The Hotel on Rivington's execrable restaurant Levant East.