Dry Age room

Sure, the biting winter winds and now snow are a pain, but Gothamist was able to stand the chills of a refrigerated dry aging room, mainly because there were steaks in the same room (we really love meat). There's nothing like seeing what your beef looks like before it's cooked to perfection for you. We checked out the dry aged steaks at Robert's Steakhouse, the restaurant at the Penthouse Executive Club (yes, you read that right, the gentlemen's club or strip club), including the amazing dry aged Kobe steak. The room was filled with a rich, well, beefy, scent and Gothamist almost swooned, we were so happy. The meal, it goes without saying, was outstanding: Rib eye, Porterhouse, the dry aged Kobe...colossal shrimp cocktail, crab cake, Kobe beef carpaccio, Caesar salad, iceberg lettuce salad...bananas Foster, NY cheesecake, creme brulee. Jake says, "The dry aged Kobe was the best steak I have ever had - even better than Peter Luger's. And the next night I had the leftovers, and it was the second best steak I ever had."

Checking out the dry aged steaks

MemeFirst was amused by the New Yorker's mention of Robert's Steakhouse. And when comparing the eating and, uh, atmosphere of Robert's at the Penthouse and Le Marque, the in-Scores restaurant, Time Out voted on Robert's Steakhouse.