New Yorkers have long been boxed out of McDonald's legendary Dollar Menu, and now it looks like the rest of the country is in for the "Value Menu" treatment as well. The company announced an overhaul of its cheap eats menu, rolling out "Dollar Menu & More" starting in November. Gotta find a way to pay those employees, huh? Right.

The new menu comes with three price tiers, starting with a few menu items on the original dollar menu that will still go for a buck. Then comes a mid-level tier with sandwiches ranging from $1 to $2, followed by the downright 1%-ers third tier, which offers delectable entrees like 20 nerve tissue "chicken" nuggets for $5.

The move follows the disappointing launch of a similar program last year called the Extra Value Menu, which priced most items in the $2 range, a price too high for America's discerning cheap eaters. Previous cost-cutting efforts—like a 2008 double cheeseburger downgrade—also sought to cut franchise costs while staying close to corporate efforts to lure in customers. Researchers found that once diners enter the store for the promise of inexpensive eats, they're more likely to spend big bucks on higher-priced menu items.

Looks like it's only a matter of time before the company ditches the value menu altogether in favor of fancy, chef-driven menus. The future is now.