Photos by Jen Carlson/Gothamist

A perfect cup of Del's (Photo by Jen Carlson/Gothamist)

Exciting news: NYC's first Del's Frozen Lemonade truck has officially hit the streets! Ever since first spotting the truck in DUMBO last Thursday we've been stalking it—Del's is a very big deal—and today we finally got our first taste of a New York City-blend.

You see, the frozen treat isn't always replicated the right way—we've heard horror stories about one California-based Del's where owners didn't use the real Rhody recipe. They eventually shut down operations after just one summer. So we're happy to report that this truck is slinging the real deal slush, with the original mix and real pieces of lemon—owner Cam Crockford is Rhode Island born and bred, so that is definitely a winning factor.

We caught up with Crockford in Brooklyn this morning and he gave us four tall cups of the frozen stuff. Here's what my coworker Jake Dobkin, who had never had a Del's before today, had to say: "That was a real deal slushee—perfect icey consistency all the way to the bottom, delicious chunks of lemon rind, sweet but not too sweet. I feel awake and alive—like I just got a B12 shot!"

Coworker Nell Casey asked, "Do I eat this with a spoon or use a straw?" The answer is: both! In fact, Cam will hook you up with a straw that has a spoon shape at the bottom of it. Though Del's officially recommends sipping it straight from the cup:

  • Shake the cup—the heat from your hand will slowly melt the ice.
  • Sip right from the cup—no straw is needed.
  • Repeat whenever you need an icy treat.

Courtesy of Del'sNYC Instagram

If you want to try it out, follow DelsNYC on Twitter for an exact location—look for the blue refurbished 1949 Chevrolet truck, which is currently still in DUMBO with its sights set on Manhattan later today.