Would you eat a Butter Face? What about a Gay Boy? Buzzfeed says that one Brooklyn sandwich shop is worried you won't, so they changed some of their sandwich names, in pen, with the original names clearly visible. One commenter identified the shop as Williamsburg's Hana Foods, and a look at their menu on Allmenus confirms that the Gay Boy and the Illegal are indeed there. However, according to an employee, it wasn't them that changed the menu.

We had a hard time understanding the Hana Foods employee, between his taking orders for sandwiches and an limited grasp of the English language, but after a little explaining he told us, "We don't change the names. We just name the sandwiches." It could still be the Bushwick location, but nobody answered when we called. So, is some good Samaritan trying to protect the children from eating insensitive sandwiches, or does a Butter Face just sound unappetizing? Just please let them not be getting their cookies from this guy.