2007_02_lobsters3.jpgThough you may only be able to dream of ordering that whole lobster this Valentine’s Day, Fairway is making a home cooked one a little more plausible. Though not exactly a steal, lobsters are available at a reasonable markdown that will bring one of the most expensive items of that romantic meal a little closer to affordability. At $8.99 a pound, a regular small sized lobster (1.5 pounds) will run around $13.50 - not exactly a bargain. But if there were any season to spend a wee bit more, it’s now.

The sight of it will let your significant other know you love them enough to buy an expensive live animal and man (or woman) enough to slaughter it in your kitchen. That is, unless you have a problem with the ethics of such murder. Luckily, we don’t.

Though the up front cost of the lobster might make your head spin, if you split one and load up with the sides, you can get off fairly easy. We whipped up some wild rice (to soak up all the juices) and some snow peas sauteed with ginger (to add a little spice). The total for two was around $20, which, actually, is quite remarkable for the occasion.

2007_02_lobsters2.JPGIt’s very important the sucker is alive. Its little legs should be moving, and when you pick it up it should flick its big tail. Though the clawed menace is going to want to snap at you, it’s a cinch to cook. Simply fill a large pot of water and bring to a boil. Pick up your kicking crustacean and throw in. Cook for 10 minutes per pound. Remove and dismantle following these great cartoon instructions, which may make you smile as you rip apart the exoskelton of this recently deceased creature. Good Luck!