043008silf.jpgWe've got some damn tasty sandwiches in this city, no doubt about it. So today the Times gives New Yorkers a collective pat on the back, surveying seven high points in our spectacular sandwich landscape, including Taim's green falafel, the Knish Press (a sandwich composed in a split knish) from Press 195, and – in a surprise nod to nearby Montclair – the Benny Mac (a heart-attack-inducing chicken cutlet sub topped with mac-and-cheese, barbecue sauce and bacon).

Interestingly, the best sandwich Times critic Frank Bruni has ever had in his life – El Quinto Pino's uni panini – is deemed too dainty to meet reporter Julia Moskin's stringent sandwich qualifications. More uni for Bruni.

There are, of course, many other standouts that didn't make the top seven. The first few that come to mind include any of the banh mi from Saigon Banh Mi in Chinatown, the Cuban sandwich from Margon in Midtown, the duck club sandwich at Marshall Stack, and the Mama's Special at Mama's of Corona in Queens. Your suggestions to expand the list?

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