2006_03_luger.jpgAOL has released their Cityguide for New York with a list of "The 2006 City's Best," some of which are a surprise and others which were not so surprising. Stone Park Cafe in Park Slope took Cityguide's top restaurant honor, beating out big names like Daniel, Le Bernardin, Per Se, and Masa. The Chef and co-owner of Stone Park told the Daily News, "We're very thrilled - winning these types of contests really attests to the loyal support of our customers."

Peter Luger Steakhouse was the top-ranked in two categories, best steakhouse and best burger. Somehow, the Shake Shack didn't even turn up on the top-10 list in the burger category. H&H won the best bagels, Virgil's won best BBQ, Shun Lee won best Chinese, Nathan's took best hot dog, and Nobu was rated the best Japanese. In another disservice, John's Pizza in the West Village somehow ended up topping the pizza rankings. With John's Pizza and Lombardi's at 1 and 2 in the Pizza rankings, Gothamist has to wonder a little who is rating these establishments. At least for the pizza, it seems like tourists have thrown their weight behind John's.

Who do you think deserved or did not deserve to be on the top rated lists?

Photo of steak at Peter Luger by Tien Mao