Now that a $10 latte exists, it seems only natural that the cost of basic foods be proportionally amplified and eaten in close proximity to $5 million apartments. Enter, then, a new hamburger being offered at a Midtown eatery later this month that costs $250, and note that it is not actually the most expensive one in the city—that burger costs $295.

The Daily News reported today that Beer & Buns, a new pan-Asian restaurant headed for the St. Giles Court Hotel in Midtown, plans to serve a $250 "Indulgence Burger" when it opens later this month. This hunk of money and meat will come with all the foods rich people like—Kobe beef, pancetta, foie gras, truffles and, well, caviar, because if you're going to go for broke, then really do it. It was also nearly priced even higher: "We thought about charging $999 for it, but realized no one would buy that," Abigail Tan, an executive with the hotel company, told the tabloid. "For $250, someone may buy it and split it up." Yes, $125 for half a burger sounds like a much better deal.

Of course, in this city, $250 is a mere pittance for meat on a patty—UES stalwart Serendipity 3 offers a $295 burger made with fancy things like Wagyu beef, aged Somerset cheddar cheese, black truffles and caviar. But that particular pile of decadence at least comes on a 24-carat gold-flecked bun speared by a solid-gold, diamond-encrusted toothpick, and you have to call in a reservation 48 hours in advance so they can have the ingredients flown in for you. Plus, all proceeds from the burger go towards the Bowery Mission, though we can't imagine there's much cash leftover after having all that cheese airlifted from England.

Then again, a Las Vegas restaurant apparently makes a $5,000 burger and they charge you $1.25-a-person for bread. It's cruel out there in the desert.