Something is happening at the late Tavern on the Green space, but even the city isn't quite sure what. The food trucks that have been operating there (with booze!) for the past eleven months are about to see the end of their leases and the city is doing studies on the historic space's "current conditions." But what the future holds for the legendary corner of the park is up in the air. “As of now there are no plans in place for specific uses,” a Bloomberg rep told Crain's.

The city's Department of Design and Construction recently returned to the space to "to prepare reports on the historic building's 'current conditions,'" as the food truck leases come to a close, but nobody is saying to what end. It is currently unclear if the three trucks currently working where the Crystal Room once stood will remain there past October. Already one of the four trucks (Ladle of Love) which originally started there has abandoned their lease because of the high costs associated with operating at the location (and the low returns in cooler months). According to a rep, the Parks Department "is currently reviewing its agreement with the truck vendors and does not have a statement at this time."

As for when the Tavern might ever return to being a restaurant, nobody knows. Donald Trump's unsolicited bid to take over the joint never went anywhere and, considering the ongoing union troubles at the other big restaurant in Central Park, many restaurateurs are understandably wary of the union space. Nearly three years later, the city's plan to kick former operator Jennifer LeRoy to the curb just looks smarter and smarter, eh?