cheapeats.jpgTime Out New York came out with their Cheap Eats issue this week and they certainly took no shame in taunting New York Magazine. Time Out's cover is virtually identical to NY Mag's, with reversed colors, down to the box highlighting their star rating system, except that Time Out calls it's issue "The Real Cheap Eats." TONY gleefully notes that "absolutely everything" on their list is under $20, clearly taking a stab at NY Mag's choice to include "bargains" like Lupa.

Rivalries aside, we like TONY's choice to organize their list by subway hot spots, so that many of us will be able to find breakfast (up to $5), lunch (up to $10) or dinner (up to $17) near work. We also appreciate that they included Jackson Heights, Downtown Brooklyn, and Atlantic Avenue/Pacific Street -- recognizing that not everyone works in Manhattan. Did they miss a spot near your place of business? Let us know.