Situated in what's by and large a culinary wasteland, The Cannibal has been a reliable Murray Hill staple whenever obligation demands a visit to the neighborhood. Christian Pappanicholas, Cory Lane and the rest of the crew have since expanded the Cannibal family into the adjacent space that formerly housed Resto, opening The Cannibal Liquor House more as a cocktail bar to its beer-focused sibling.

Chefs Francis Derby and Danny Hobby like to play with their food, it seems, offering things like Cacio Pepe Chips—a riff on the Roman pasta—with parmesan and cream; Rueben Spring Rolls with an IPA mustard; and Pigs Head In A Blanket with concord mustard and anise seed. There's an Every Burger (American cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickle and special sauce), but also Mama's Burger, with a patty made from dry aged beef, topped with provolone cheese, shishito peppers, onions and harissa mayo.

The Brandy Alexander cocktail employs Morgenstern's vanilla ice cream punched up with brandy, cardamaro (a wine-based aperitif) and Oreos. Other traditional cocktails that don't require the deployment of Lactaid include a Rhum Punch, a Harvey Wallbanger and the Blueberry Fix, made with bourbon, cassis, sherry cherry and blackberries.

111 East 29th Street;

The Cannibal Liquor House Cocktail Menu by Nell Casey on Scribd

The Cannibal Liquor House Food Menu by Nell Casey on Scribd