A new burger-and-burrito joint is coming to Park Slope, and their signature item, a burger/burrito mashup, is exactly what is sounds like: a burger and fries (sans bun) wrapped in a flour tortilla.

In addition to tacos, salads, burgers, and burritos, Burgito's (the restaurant) will be serving burgitos (the meal). What is a burgito, you ask? Honestly, I'm not sure—technically, it's a chopped up bacon cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, cheese, fries, and onion wrapped in a tortilla. If you were to take a chopped cheese, add a few garnishes and jack up the price by nearly 300 percent (the burgito costs $9.49), that's kind of what a burgito is.

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"It has its own unique flavor," Burgito's co-owner Darin Laby told DNAinfo. "When you eat a burger on a bun, you get a lot of bun. When you have a burrito, you get a lot of rice and beans." The burgito takes away all of these (good) elements—there's no bun, no beans, no rice.

Laby called it "the best of both worlds."

"You get the veggies and sauce that you get with a burrito, but then you have the French fries. And it's big. People love that."

Burgito's is already a popular restaurant in Bethpage, and if its Yelp page is to be believed, people really, really like the burgito. Laby and his brother, Lawrence, purchased the Bethpage restaurant from its original owner in 2014.

I get it: people like "unconventional" food mashups—the cronut, the sushi burrito, and the ramen burger have made their way into the public's stomachs and onto their Instagram feeds. But this seems unnecessary. Beef burritos are already a thing, and the burgito removes the two most necessary structural elements of a good burrito: rice and beans. It doesn't even come with guacamole! And I assume the fries would get at least a little soggy.

But, for the curious or adventurous, the first NYC location will open at 173 Fourth Avenue in Park Slope in early 2017.