Over the weekend Gothamist had a chance to go to The Burger Joint on 3rd Avenue, which shouldn't be confused with Burger Joint at Le Parker Meridian. The Burger Joint is a no frills burger stop with very few options in the way of toppings - cheese and grilled onions. The burgers are almost slider size (think a little bigger than White Castle), so one might not be enough if you're hungry, but four might be too many (we speak from experience).

The menu at The Burger Joint has two sections, "solid" and "liquid." Firmly planted in the solid side is the hamburger, double hamburger, cheeseburger, double cheeseburger, french fries, and the pie of the day. The burgers are made from freshly ground beef and individually measured out before grilling. When cooking the burger, the cook flattens the ball of beef with his spatula, a move that reminds us of our college days at Blimpie Burger. The french fries, while crisp and delicious, come unsalted.

If burgers, fries, and 80's pop music (at least when we went) aren't enough, the "liquid" selection sets The Burger Joint apart from other hamburger establishments in camp value alone. Where else can you get a cup of Stewart's Root Beer, RC Cola, Diet Rite, or Bosco Chocolate Soda (listed as chocolate milk on the menu). Gothamist is pretty sure that George Costanza is getting upset.

With all these burger selections - Burger Joint, Shake Shack, fancy schmancy expensive burgers, The Burger Joint - Gothamist can't help but wonder if we're in the midst of a burger renaissance. If so, we'll just sit back, relax, and have another burger. Mmm.

More photos of the food at The Burger Joint and their soda fountain at Tien's site.

The Burger Joint: 241 3rd Ave., 212-228-1219. Burger prices range from a $1 hamburger to a $2.15 double cheeseburger, with fountain drinks priced at $1.50