The eternal Sunday riddle: Should you have breakfast or lunch fare at brunch? It's one that Gothamist can sympathize with on a regular basis. Sometimes you just can't decide.

2005_03_food_ajhi.jpgAnd, that's why we were so delighted to come across a dish called Ajhi at Tripoli Restaurant, a Middle Eastern fave on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn specializing in Lebanese cuisine.

Ajhi is a Lebanese omelet made with fresh herbs, onions, pine nuts, and ground lamb. Sounds odd, right? But just think about it as an Arabic riff on steak and eggs. Aw, heck, that's wrong. It's just...Ajhi - savory, eggy, nutty and downright flavorful. It strikes the delicate balance between breakfast and lunch remarkably well.

Besides, sometimes you crave something a little more unusual than steak and eggs. If so, Ajhi is just the ticket.

Tripoli Restaurant
56 Atlantic Ave. (Corner of Clinton St.)
Brooklyn NY 11201
(718) 596-5800