Well, summer might be over but if there's one bright spot for fall it's that the Brooklyn Bazaar is up and running and hosting good times. What's better than swinging through for some ping-pong or seeing some music? How about eating all the free food from the Brooklyn Star you can stuff in your face? That's probably better—and you can do that tonight.

As a way to celebrate their new spot in the neighborhood, the Brooklyn Star's Brooklyn Bazaar location (150 Greenpoint Avenue) is inviting the public to come hang out tonight from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. to eat a bunch of free food from their menu. Fried chicken, corn dogs, chili Frito pie and more will be served up, all for the low price of free ninety-nine. All you need to do is RSVP and then show up, but I would show up early as a way to hedge against Bill Murray-in-Greenpoint-esque crowds.

Plus, all the rest of the Bazaar will be open, so you can do some karaoke or play mini-golf if you somehow get bored of eating rich food made by professionals. Or you can just hang out and eat ham hock collard greens the whole time, it's your life.