A global food market under the stars is returning to the Bronx later this month. The Bronx Night Market, now in its second year, is a celebration of different cultures and cuisines from around the world, and will take place on ten different dates from May through October, with more vendors than last year, as well as other additions. “We wanted the Bronx to have more experiences like the ones in Manhattan and Brooklyn,” co-founder Marco Shalma told Gothamist. He also noted that, on top of free admission, they are "very strict about vendors having $3, $5, and $7 food options... We want to make sure that $20 goes a long way."

The popular food market, which operates from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. each of the ten nights it's open, debuted last May at Fordham Plaza. Last year’s festival had 44 food vendors and 10 merchandise vendors, and Shalma says they've added about 20 more new vendors this year, many of which are bringing in more Asian cuisine options like C Bao Asian Buns and Memphis Seoul (which introduces Korean influences to Southern food). Other vendors at the open-air food and drink festival will include Empanology, Lotsa' Latkes, and The Bronx Brewery.

“The Bronx is very culturally diverse so we wanted to bring that globality to people who don’t commute outside the borough so much,” Shalma says.

This beast below is from The Fried Kitchen, run by Randy and Christopher Carpenter, a father-son duo who created their concept together. They'll be bringing their chicken and waffle sandwich and more to the Market.

As for the non-edible offerings, he noted there will be “10 to 15 local merchandisers, [selling] everything from streetwear to organic hair products.” To get a spot at the festival, “they all have to be local and have a little edge to them,” Shalma says.

Each of the ten dates will feature local musicians, food competition throwdowns, and other extras.

The Bronx Night Market will be held again this year at Fordham Plaza on May 25th, June 15th and 29th, July 13th and 27th, August 17th and 31st, September 14th and 28th, and October 26th.