Snapple, the iced tea company that 6 years ago made a $166 million deal with NYC for exclusive distribution to public schools and city-owned building vending machines, along with an “official beverage of New York City” label, is changing: redesigned bottles (label and all) will hit stores early next month. More importantly, it was announced yesterday, corn syrup will disappear from Snapple’s list of ingredients, and will presumably no longer be welcome on the Snapple campus. The drink will henceforth be sweetened with sugar. It’s not immediately clear whether or not Snapple will retain a monopoly over borough vending machines; the company’s product placement deal with the city apparently has gone the way of a “reject if button is up” clause. “Some city agencies refused to accept Snapple vending machines,” the Times recapped in 2006, but not wholly for anti-consumerist reasons. “In other places, machines could not fit in narrow or short corridors, or could not be plugged in because there was no electrical outlet nearby.”