Top photo: Focaccia at Palermitana; Primo Sale at Lioni Latticin.

The price of the average pizza slice in New York continues to rise dramatically with the price of flour, taking mozzarella cheese and other assorted toppings with it. But not in Bensonhurst.

Places like L&B Spumoni Gardens have in fact raised their grandma slice prices because of flour. But at $2.25, it’s merely a quarter more than this time last year. And that's a modest spike compared to $1-2 increases at pizzerias elsewhere in the city. The price of mozzarella and tomatoes has also gone up, but similarly in Bensonhurst, sandwich menu prices at Carluccio’s Italian Hero Shop on 15th Avenue haven’t budged at all since last year. Most of those sandwiches feature fresh Lioni Latticini mozzarella, and walking just a few doors down 15th Avenue, you’ll come to a small storefront that serves as a little wholesale-retail operation for the cheese company.

060608primosale.jpgA huge piece of primo sale cheese, made from whole milk and weighing in excess of 1.5 pounds, retails for a mere $6. The cheese has the texture of provolone and flavor of sun-dried mozzarella. Big, plastic wrapped packages of fresh and smoked fresh mozzarella sell for $5, and imported D.O.P. Mozzarella di Bufala Campana is a mere $5.50 for an 8 oz. bag. One-liter bottles of extra virgin olive oil come in at a price ($9) five dollars less expensive than comparable product at Fairway.

For a huge slice of pizza that still costs $2, you’ll have to cheat a little: at Palermitana Bakery, the eight inch, frisbee-sized onion and tomato focaccia pictured above retailed for $2. A stones’ throw from the elevated subway tracks, the small storefront features the usual, mind-boggling arsenal of Italian cookies and specializes in semolina bread.

Lioni Latticini, 7819 15th Avenue, Brooklyn. (718) 232-7852
Palermitana Bakery 7821 17th Avenue, Brooklyn (718) 837-0137