Californians will never stop bragging about their superior Mexican food, but we are brave enough to stand up to their condescension and declare that our tacos hold their own (sometimes). From street carts to tortillerias to fancy SoHo restaurants, New York's taco scene boasts plenty of tasty, fresh and flavorful bites, so put that in your pipe and smoke it, left coast. Here are a few of our favorite taco joints in the city—as always, list yours in the comments.

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TORTILLERIA MEXICANA LOS HERMANOS: This isn't the first time we've praised this Bushwick tortilla factory-cum-taqueria, and it won't be the last. Los Hermanos serves cheap, tasty tacos and the like out of their tiny cantina, which opens up to a bigger eatery in the warehouse where they regularly roll out fresh tortillas. Offerings include tacos ($2.25), quesadillas ($3.35, and THE QUESADILLAS ARE GIANT), taquitos ($1.50) and tostadas ($2.50), and you can choose among fillings like chorizo, chicken and steak—there's also a vegetarian filling option, which is primarily composed of beans and avocado. All tacos come stuffed with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and avocado, and are even double-wrapped so they don't fall apart—you get a real mouthful for your buck or two. Best of all, Los Hermanos is BYOB, so you can bring your own six-pack of Modelo Especial without anybody judging you. Cash only, y'all.

Tortilleria Mexicana Los Hermanos is located at 271 Starr Street between Wyckoff Street and St. Nicholas Ave in Bushwick, Brooklyn (718-456-3422).

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LA ESQUINA CORNER DELI: We're not talking about the ritzy "secret" "underground" SoHo restaurant, or the Williamsburg outpost whose opening may have ushered in a second (or third, or fourth) wave of North Brooklyn's SoHo-ification. But the tacos served at the little Kenmare Street Corner Deli shack that "hides" the "underground" restaurant are so damn good we're almost ready to absolve the rest of the establishment's tiresome scene. Try the spicy cochinita pibil tacos made with pulled pork, jalapenos and pickled onions ($3.75), the grilled rubbed pork carnitas ($3.50) or the bean-cheese-and-avocado aguacate con queso tacos ($3.50) for a vegetarian option.

La Esquina Corner Deli is located at 114 Kenmare Street between Mott and Elizabeth Street in SoHo (646-613-7100,

TAQUERIA COCOYOC: Another one of Bushwick's killer taco joints, this little spot off the Dekalb L stop serves up mind-blowing tacos and other Mexican delicacies, though note their prices hedge closer to those in Manhattan than Los Hermanos's do. Some highlights: the al pastor, or roast pork tacos ($4.25), the lengua, or beef tongue picaditas ($5.25) and for the more adventurous, the barbacoa (goat!) picaditas ($5.50). They've also got tortas, burritos and enchiladas and horchata; if you eat in, though, expect at least a half-hour wait for your food.

Taqueria Cocoyoc is located at 211 Wyckoff Ave between Harman and Green Street in Bushwick, Brooklyn (718-497-4489).

Crispy fish taco at Tacombi (Courtesy Jeanette Zinno)

TACOMBI AT FONDA NOLITA: This airy Nolita taco joint has one of the best crispy fish tacos we've ever tasted. At $5 each, they're admittedly a little steep, even for SoHo. But they're light, fried, and crunchy without being greasy, double-wrapped in a tortilla and outstandingly spicy and flavorful, plus they're made out of an old VW van, which is a fun side gimmick. Other tacos of note: the vegetarian-friendly maiz y poblano tacos and the meaty barbacoa tacos, also $5 each. And if you're still hungry (and have more cash to burn), opt for an order of fresh guacamole and chips ($12) to complement your meal.

Tacombi is located at 267 Elizabeth Street between East Houston and Prince Street in Nolita (917-727-0179,

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RICOS TACOS Y ANTOJITOS MEXICANOS: Sunset Park's taco scene is nothing to sneer at, and Ricos Tacos is one of the best joints in the 'hood. Soft tacos run $2-$3, and taquitos run $1.50 each; try the marinated pork ($1.50 for a taquita, $3 for a taco) or the super flavorful spicy pork ($1.50 for a taquito, $3 for a taco), or if you're really adventurous and/or hungry get the whole gamut of beef, chicken and pork in taquito form. There are few-to-no veggie options, so don't go if you're not a carnivore, and be sure to bring cash, since the spot doesn't take credit or debit cards.

Rico's Tacos is located at 505 51st Street between Fifth and Sixth Aves in Sunset Park, Brooklyn (718-633-4816).

TOLOACHE: For a real fancy taco, try some of the unique options at this upscale chainlet, where you can feast on braised-brisket suadero tacos ($12), spicy lobster langosta tacos ($17) and chapulines, made with dried grasshopper ($15). They've also got the usual suspects, like the braised short-rib costilla and tuetano tacos ($13), pollo ($11) and pescado tacos ($12), but, seriously, you know you want to try some grasshoppers.

Toloache has three locations: 251 West 50th Street between Broadway and Eighth Ave in Midtown West (212-581-1818); 166 East 82nd Street between Lexington and Third Ave on the Upper East Side (212-861-4505); and a taqueria at 83 Maiden Lane in the Financial District (212-809-9800).

TACOS MORELOS: We've previously repped Jackson Heights' taco scene with Taqueria Coatzingo, but this tasty taco joint—with street carts on Bedford Ave in Williamsburg and in the East Village—warrants its own mention. Tacos run $2.50 each, and run the gamut from pollo to lengua to carnitas to suadero (brisket); there's also a full bar, but the whole joint is cash only, so bring a few bucks and leave the credit card at home.

Tacos Morelos is located at 94-13 37th Ave in Jackson Heights, Queens (347-832-0193).


BROOKLYN TACO: Once solely relegated to the street food scene, this Hester Street Fair and Artists & Fleas mainstay got a more permanent spot at Essex Market in 2011, and just cemented a second permanent location at Donna in Williamsburg, so you're guaranteed their funky, fresh tacos year-round, now. The daily menu rotates and is announced via Twitter, but the avocado and raw sweet corn Guaco Taco is a favorite, along with the fried Chorizo and Potato taco flavored with pineapple salsa, the Chicken Verde taco or the Kale and Potato taco if you're looking for a veggie option. Tacos are all $4 each, and two should fill you up just fine.

Brooklyn Taco has two locations: At Essex Market, 120 Essex Street between Rivington and Delancey Street on the Lower East Side; and at Donna, 27 Broadway in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. (646-820-8226,

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TORTILLERIA NIXTAMAL: Like Los Hermanos, this Corona tortilleria makes its own soft-shell tacos, and ships them out to Mexican eateries all over the city. But the tacos they serve at their own taqueria deserve plenty of praise. Of note: the juicy pastor (roast pork) taco made with pineapple ($2.99), the bistek (sauteed steak) taco ($2.53) and the cameron taco ($2.99), made with sauteed shrimp and mango. They've also got a few veggie options, and the nopales taco, made with grilled cactus and melted cheese, is a particularly tasty one, in addition to a sauteed verduras taco made with seasonal veggies (both $2.53).

Tortilleria Nixtamal is located at 104-05 47th Ave in Corona, Queens (718-699-2434,

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STAN'S CAFECITO: Tacos aren't just a cheap dinner or post-boozing snack, sometimes you need some delicious ingredients tucked inside a tortilla in the breakfast hours, too. This tiny Williamsburg newbie serves a righteous breakfast burrito—yes, that's not a taco, but it's so damn good and cheap we're sneaking it in here as a bonus 10th entry. It comes stuffed with fluffy eggs, oozy cheese, peppers, and onions, all for just $5. Add on an extra buck for some smokey bacon or spicy chorizo and you have a hearty meal fit for any time of the day, and luckily for us, the behemoth burrito is available all day long.

Sure, you might get a more refined version down the street at Whirlybird or over at Briskettown, but you won't have to fight any crowds and, frankly, sometimes simpler is better. Bonus: the ridiculous selection of hot sauces. Extra Bonus: swing by on Friday nights when this burrito shack transforms into a dosa hut, serving up savory versions of the Indian staple. (Nell Casey)

Stan's Cafecito is located on Havemeyer Street between South 2nd and South 3rd in Williamsburg; (347) 488-1957

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