If you are lying still in a bed of pain this morning, you are not alone. To start the new year off dead sober is a sign of bad luck, or so we've told ourselves in between bottles of Andre. There are many ways to kill a hangover before it tries to turn the rest of your waking life into one perpetual case of the spins—downing a 7-serving box of spaghetti, for instance, or ingesting headache power, or crying until the floor stops moving. There are also some decent fatty, carby, spicy, greasy eats in the outside world you can try in hopes of healing quickly. Here are our favorites, in no particular order; leave yours in the comments, and check out last year's list for additional ideas.

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NORWEGIAN SANDWICH AT LITTLE SKIPS: The thing a body craves most when hungover—aside from the sweet, sweet kiss of death—is BREAD, served perhaps with some savory vitamin-heavy protein and a double-fisting liquid situation involving coffee and water. Enter, the Norwegian sandwich, served up at Bushwick standby cafe Little Skips. This $8.50 open-faced beauty is made with goat cheese, spinach, smoked salmon, tomatoes, and avocado, doused with honey-lemon vinaigrette and slapped atop a thick slab of Balthazar whole wheat bread. Pair it with an espresso shot or two, drink six gallons of water and you'll feel like your sober self again in a few hours.

Little Skips is located at 941 Willoughby Avenue between Myrtle Ave and Charles Place in Bushwick, Brooklyn (718-484-0980, littleskips.com)

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KAMJATANG STEW AT NEW WONJO: A massive helping of this spicy Korean stew is sure to soothe your post-drinking pains. The $15 plate consists of pork bone and potato simmered in a fiery broth, peppered with floating pieces of tender pork neck meat and flavorful seasoning, paired with a side of rice. The combination of the spice and flame will perk you back up in no time.

New Wonjo is located at 23 West 32nd Street between 5th Ave and Broadway in Midtown (212-695-5815, newwonjo.com).

CHILAQUILES AT CHAVELA'S: $12 will get you your choice of heaping, steaming brunch selection at this Mexican Crown Heights spot, a solid enough deal for many an alcohol-drenched mind. But the real hangover killer here are the chilaquiles, savory tortillas cooked in salsa verde or mole and served with fried eggs, cheese, cream and refried beans. If that's not enough food for you, opt to add chicken, steak or chorizo for an extra $3 and wash your meal down with an included glass of juice, cup of coffee or hot tea in the brunch deal, which also comes with a Mexican sweet bread for added dose of carbs. If you don't make it over to Chavela's in time for brunch—which runs from 11 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays—you can score the chilaquiles as a specialty item on Wednesdays.

Chavela's is located at 736 Franklin Ave between Park and Sterling Places in Crown Heights, Brooklyn (718-622-3100, chavelasnyc.com).

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FRIED CHICKEN BISCUIT AT THE CARDINAL: Fried foods are another undisputed penicillin to post-drink delirium, and the fried chicken biscuit dish on this East Village joint's brunch menu is one such panacea. The $16 dish consists of homemade, buttery biscuits topped with a heaping pile of fried chicken, and the whole thing is smothered in thick, savory sausage gravy. And if you feel like you're ready to set yourself right with a little hair of a dog, mimosas run only $5 each, and you can drink unlimited Bloody Marys for just $15.

The Cardinal is located at 234 East 4th Street between Aves A and B in the East Village (212-995-8600, thecardinalnyc.com)

DUMPLINGS AT VANESSA'S DUMPLING HOUSE: Repeated self experimentation has proven that MSG has an otherworldly power when it comes to sopping up intestinal whiskey residue. And the boiled, steamed or fried offerings at any of the Vanessa's Dumpling House outposts hit the spot when you're under hangover attack, filling your uneasy stomach with moist or crispy dough, salty fillings and a million pounds of soy sauce. The boiled whole wheat shredded veggie dumplings are particularly stomach saving; $4.75 gets you a plate of eight dumplings, and you can wash down your meal with a bubble tea or two post-feast.

Vanessa's has three locations in New York: 118 Eldridge Street between Broome and Grand Streets in Chinatown (212-625-8008); 220 East 14th Street between 2nd and 3rd Aves in the East Village (212-529-1328); and 310 Bedford Ave between South 1st and 2nd Streets in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (718-218-8809).

GREEN MANGO SHAKE AT ONE LUCKY DUCK: Whether or not you're in doubt about this whole coconut water craze, most drinkers say the super-hydrating liquid does a body good the morning after a particularly hedonistic open bar. And this cool vegan concoction is a combination of all the good healing things, like mango, cilantro, cucumber and lime, all doused with the aforementioned coconut miracle water. This raw hangover cure will cost you, though; the cruelty-free shake runs $9.

One Lucky Duck has two locations in Manhattan: 125 1/2 East 17th Street in Gramercy (212-477-7151, oneluckyduck.com); and at Chelsea Market at 75 9th Ave between 15th and 16th Street in Chelsea (212-255-4300).

Burrito with pork and grits. (Via Yelp)

BREAKFAST BURRITO AT QUEENS COMFORT: The downside to this delicious dish and sublime apres-tequila painkiller is that you will have to wait for it, since brunch lines at this Astoria spot are notoriously cruel. Once you're inside, though, opt for this fiery burrito, made with sausage, cheese, scrambled eggs and spicy mayonnaise. The dish also comes with tater tots to add the right dose of fried starch to your meal, and rings in at $12; get a $3 cup of Stumptown to accompany the burrito and to keep you from coming down with caffeine shakes.

Queens Comfort is located at 4009 30th Ave in Astoria, Queens (718-728-2350, queenscomfort.com).

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SPICY QUINOA BOWL AT DIMES: Dimes is a tiny, precious diner that feels like High Williamsburg but is located on Division Street in the Lower East Side. The friendly staff look like they just came back from a DIIV show and the menu includes three types of acai bowls. Juice is found under the section labeled "Chilled Bevs." Everything here is fresh and healthy too, traits I fancy after indulging in cheap toxins for hours the night before. Resist the temptation to get the very capable $6.50 breakfast sandwich (it's a touch too small, and thus you're a touch too sad when you finish it) and spring for the $11 spicy quinoa bowl with chickpeas, marinated peppers, and braised beets (there's also some sage and sprouts on it). It's filling and tasty. Dimes only serves until 4 p.m.—roll out of bed at 2:30 p.m. and avoid the crowd. (Christopher Robbins)

Dimes is located at 143 Division Street between Ludlow and Orchard Streets in Chinatown (212-240-9410, dimesnyc.com).