New Yorkers have healthy living down to a science (read: juice cleanses, Flywheel classes, an obsession with Frozen Yogurt….). But, when it comes to fritters, they do not dare trade calories, carbs or fat content for flavor. America celebrates Fritters Day today, and to honor the batter-coated, deep-fried delicacy, we rounded up a few of our favorites; as always, drop your suggestions in the fryer comments.

(Photo: Michael Tulipan)

BEEF POPPERS AT BARLEY & GRAIN: This easily sharable appetizer incorporates all-American flavors in one breadcrumb-fried ball: shredded beef, bacon and American cheddar. Served with garlic mayo, it's not optimal for anyone remotely thinking about a cleanse. Instead, the caramelized onions, white cheddar, lemon garlic aioli and mashed potatoes (instead of fries on the side) serve as a burger-in-ball, condiments and all.

$8. Barley & Grain is located at 421 Amsterdam Avenue at 80th Street on the Upper West Side (646-360-3231,


CORN CHOWDER WITH BLUE CRAB FRITTERS AND YELLOW CILANTRO YOGURT AT BLT BAR & GRILL AT W NEW YORK DOWNTOWN: The Blue Crab Fritters are not served solo at W New York Downtown; rather, corn chowder, crab and cilantro are three C's that compliment each other in each bite. Even though soups are a staple for cooler seasons, the restaurant rolled them out in the summer, and diners deemed them so good they were brought back due to popular demand. The chef grew up catching blue crabs in Virginia Beach, so naturally he brought his hometown pastime (and a general affection for warm fritters) to his current residence.

$12. BLT Bar & Grill is located at W New York -- Downtown at 123 Washington Street, in the Financial District (646-826-8666,


COD AND POTATO FRITTERS WITH CAJUN REMOULADE AT OCEANA: Steamed potatoes and flakey steamed cod are seasoned with lemon juice, olive oil, fresh chillies, chives, parsley and oregano then balled up into bite-sized balls. They're then coated with breading and, naturally, fried. The result is a crispy outside with a doughy inside that fits with the chef's bar snack philosophy: "can eat with hands" (in addition to while standing up and they're sharable). The balls are quite a fixture at the Michelin star-rated restaurant—they're ordered at least 50 times a week.

$12. Oceana is located at 120 West 49th Street, between 6th and 7th Avenues in Midtown West (212-759-5941,


QUINOA FRITTERS AT MARKET TABLE: Quinoa may be the hot ingredient of the moment, but yellow onion, garlic, flour and capers aren't taking a backseat to provide flavor. Inspired by hush puppies of the South, all ingredients are combined (with egg, buttermilk, and few other additions) and fried, and served with chile aioli. For the savory palate, it isn't a typical fish-fritter, making it ideal for vegetarians.

$8. Market Table is located at 54 Carmine Street in Greenwich Village (212-255-2100,


CHOCOLATE HAZELNUT AND RASPBERRY JAM STUFFED VANILLA FRITTERS AT BEAUTY & ESSEX: As if vanilla beignets alone weren't delicious, chocolate hazelnut creme and house made raspberry jam are the inside surprise to this decadent dessert. A playful twist on doughnuts with dipping sauces, it's really what's on the inside that counts. The filling is piped into the dough while it's still hot from a good frying. It's been a menu favorite for snackers with a sweet tooth since the restaurant opened in 2010. So addictive that, for a second plate, you may put your watch up for sale at the venue's pawn shop entrance.

$13. Beauty & Essex is located at 146 Essex Street on the Lower East Side (212-614-0146,


JAPANESE LOBSTER FRITTERS AT MORIMOTO: Average tempura at any Japanese restaurant will no longer suffice. These lobster fritters, served with pickled ginger, scallion and a lobster reduction are the restaurant's version of "takoyaki," aka octopus balls. Instead of eight-legged sea life, Morimoto uses lobster to fill puffed a pancake, cooked in a special pan with curved indentations. The batter (containing wheat flower and yam powder) is filled with lobster, scallions and pickled ginger. It's incomplete without the sauce: lobster stock, tomato, tonkatsu, kewpie mayo and ao nori powder, brushed on top.

$12. Morimoto is located at 88 West 10th Avenue in Meatpacking (212-989-8883,

120213boulud.jpgCRISPY "COCHINILLO" AT BOULUD SUD: The Spanish-style menu item combines a baby pig's head and feet, soaked overnight in saltwater, then mixed with garlic, shallot confit, scallions and a few other ingredients before cooled, breaded and fried to perfection. It's accompanied by Shishito Pepper, Radish and Pimenton Aioli for a fresh crunch and beautiful amber hue. Inspired by his Spanish honeymoon, Chef Daniel took favorites from each part of the country (Madrid's crispy skin cochonillio, San Sebastian's fried padron peppers and smoked paprika pimenton from Catalan cuisine) and combined them for a perfect bite-sized snack.

$15. Boulud Sud is located at 20 West 64th Street, between Broadway and Central Park West on the Upper West Side (212-595-1313,

Hilary Sheinbaum is a writer/reporter, covering food and beverage, entertainment, and lifestyle. She is obsessed with ice cream and currently lives in New York City.