Determining a list of the best bars in sodden old New York isn't easy; the sticky floors of a dive may be a turnoff for some, while the fastidious mixology lounge can be cause for painful eye-rolling to others. But certain saloons have that elusive something that makes them special regardless of your preferred style of boozing, and we set forth to determine the top 50 in our hooch-loving city. It's a living.

As he did when finding the city's best restaurants, Steven Melendez used data that encompasses a variety of bar styles, plus some general lists of great NYC bars overall. Here's how he worked it out:

Below, Gothamist's Statistically Accurate List of the Best Bars in NYC with tips straight from the sources about why each watering hole deserves a visit.

Steven Melendez is a Brooklyn-based independent journalist who was previously a full-time member of WNYC's Data News Team.

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