David Bouhadana, sushi chef and now notorious opponent of the city's glove rules, is on the move again. Next Monday, Bouhadana opens Sushi by Boū, a four seat "restaurant" inside the Gansevoort Market on West 14th Street. Call it Power Sushi if you will: meals are paced to be completed in under 30 minutes.

The quick omakase isn't a new concept to Bouhadana, who left the similarly timed (and tiny) Sushi on Jones at the outdoor Bowery Market to open up this new spot. Like its predecessor, Sushi by Bou will also offer 12 pieces for $50, along with a text-only reservation system, which is open as of this week though the restaurant itself won't start serving until Monday, May 15th.

Bouhadana's promising upgrades to the individual pieces with selections including "toro with a touch of truffle salt" and the "Three Amigos" with ikura, quail egg and uni. And those who finish up their courses in under 30 minutes will be presented with an a la carte menu from which they can order further items including the "Big Mac"—a triple stack of toro, scallop and uni—and a Waguni Handroll. All told, you still have to be out of your seat when the half hour time slot concludes.

Sushi on Jones (Yelp)

Though, as noted, Bouhadana is no longer involved with Sushi on Jones, the successful omakase spot will expand with a second location in the West Village in August. The new sushi bar, located at at 210 West 10th Street, will be indoors (the original is outside) and have seating for 10 people, making it more than twice as large as the original.

Sushi by Bou is located inside the Gansevoort Market at 353 West 14th Street; sushibybou.com. The restaurant only accepts reservations by text at 917-870-1587

Sushi on Jones will be located at 210 West 10th Street; sushionjones.com