Is the era of absurdly over-priced food in New York waning? Maybe! Though you can still get expensive soup (not to mention Coca-Cola) around town, you can no longer get a $175 dollar burger. Crain's is reporting that the Wall Street Burger Shoppe, the purveyor of that over-priced patty, has declared bankruptcy.

The restaurant made its claim to fame in 2008 when it added the Richard Noveau Burger to its fancier dining room menu. That burger consisted of "10 ounces of Kobe-raised beef crowned with a thick 'lobe' of seared foie gras, 25 grams of shaved black truffles, and aged gruyere cheese" that was "enthroned on a brioche bun anointed with a homemade truffled mayonnaise and garnished with more shaved truffles." And just for good measure it also had gold leaf flakes from Japan.

The Shoppe's owner Kevin O'Connell wouldn't comment on the closing, but his lawyer, Tanya Dwyer, told Crain's the restaurant was "not profitable."

So we guess if you want a pricey burger now you'll have to make do with less expensive fare. For instance, the 20 oz. Kobe beef burger at The Old Homestead will set you back $41 bucks, a steal when you consider the fact that the restaurant used to charge $81 bucks for a 14 oz. Kobe Wagyu burger.

Meanwhile, in semi-related news, over the weekend America set the world record for the largest hamburger... it weighed in at 777 pounds.