This year's Pride Week kicked off with the welcome announcement that the Stonewall Inn, site of the start of the Gay Rights Movement, has been designated a city landmark. And though the Stonewall is a prime spot to celebrate this weekend, this city's got a whole host of other bars that provide safe and fun spaces for the LGBT crowd and allies alike. Here are our favorites; as always, leave yours in the comments.

LOVEGUN: LoveGun is a relative newcomer to the city's gay scene, having opened in Williamsburg just last September. Still, in its short time on Earth, the spot's served as a solid successor to dearly-departed gay nightclub Sugarland, shepherding a hip clientele and boasting setlits jam-packed with top 40 hits and throwback dance tracks. Expect a $5 cover and limited drinks list, but note that when you come here, you come to dance.

LoveGun is located at 617 Grand Street between Lorimer and Leonard Streets in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (718-388-3441,

PHOENIX: The Phoenix has been doling out drinks to rock 'n rolling gay men since 1999, holding down the cool fort in the ever-fratifying East Village. Drinks are relatively cheap for Manhattan, the music selection (the bar has both a DJ and a jukebox) tends to stick with classic rock, and there's a pool table, which is always a bonus. Do note that if you're female and looking to hang, the bouncers may not let women in when the bar gets close to capacity.

Phoenix is located at 447 East 13th Street between 1st Avenue and Avenue A in the East Village (212-477-9979,

NOWHERE BAR: Another casual pool table-boasting gay bar, this East Village spot welcomes all those residing on the LGBT spectrum, drawing folks in with their beers, jukebox and perfectly divey ambiance. They're known for throwing a whole bunch of fetish and themed parties (Fire in the Hole is for those who lust after redheads) and the crowd is typically diverse when it comes to gender, sexuality and ethnicity.

Nowhere is located at 322 East 14th Street between 1st and 2nd Avenues in the East Village (212-477-4744,

CUBBYHOLE: Aesthetically, Cubbyhole is exactly what it sounds like, boasting a narrow bar and standing space made even more claustrophobic by the dangling pinatas and stuffed animals that decorate the ceiling and walls. Still, Cubbyhole is one of the premiere lesbian bars in the city, luring in a laid back clientele with their cheap drinks and jukebox. Note that this place gets packed, particularly on weekend nights, and it really does function as a place for LGBT women to meet other LGBT women, so potential visitors take note.

Cubbyhole is located at 281 West 12th Street between 4th Street and Greenwich Avenue in the West Village (212-243-9041,

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MARIE'S CRISIS: This West Village piano bar might be my (straight and female) roommate's favorite bar in the world, since it's rare to find a spot in the city where it's socially acceptable to belt the Les Miserables soundtrack. For decades, Marie's Crisis has been a prime sport for musical theater performers and non-professional enthusiasts alike to warm up their pipes, with skilled pianists drawing from a seemingly endless catalog of Broadway shows. Cheap drinks and showtunes aside, the bar itself is practically a work of art, sitting on the site at which Common Sense (and The American Crisis) author Thomas Paine died in 1809.

Marie's Crisis is located at 59 Grove Street between Bleecker Street and 7th Avenue South in the West Village (212-243-9323).

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THIS 'N THAT: Williamsburg's longtime LGBT stalwart is Metropolitan Bar, thanks in part to its backyard, skeeball machine, and dirt-cheap canned beers. But This 'N That, known primarily by the nickname TNT, has spent the last couple of years serving as the neighborhood's new gay ground zero. Standouts include a slew of beer and shot combos, DJed dance parties, a disco ball (why???) and a whole host of drag shows on the regular. TNT is plenty welcoming of all genders and sexual preferences, which is good news if you're a straight lady looking to hang with your gay friends. Note that TNT has way more of a club vibe than the aforementioned Metropolitan, so if you're looking for a slightly chiller hang, you may want to head a bit further east.

TNT is located at 108 North 6th Street between Wythe Avenue and Berry Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (718-599-5959,

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GINGER'S BAR: If you're a lady who likes outdoor patios, a loaded jukebox, playing pool, and other ladies, head over to Ginger's Bar, Park Slope's best low-key lesbian hangout spot. Ginger's markets itself as a pub "for all the peeps," and all are welcome: "girlz, girls, bois, boys, trans," or however else you may identify. Yelpers highly recommend the $5 pink pussycat shots, a cheery combo of bubblegum vodka, pineapple juice, and grenadine. "The G-Spot" is cash only, so hit up the bank before you hit up any of Ginger's other patrons. (Abigail Rowe)

Ginger's is located at 363 5th Avenue between 4th and 5th Streets in Park Slope, Brooklyn (718-788-0924).

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This laid-back gay bar is perfect for guys or gals looking to grab a cheap beer in an authentic neighborhood dive. The Boiler Room is entirely unpretentious, with a pop-heavy jukebox, pool tables, and classic East Village vibe. Stop in after 10 p.m. on any weeknight for $4 well drinks, or make the most of your Monday with their "Old Skool House Party."

P.S. Bonus trivia: the karaoke scene from one of 2007's classic rom-coms was filled here. (Abigail Rowe)

The Boiler Room is located at 86 East 4th Street between Cooper Square and the Bowery in the East Village (212-254-7536,

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THE EAGLE: The Eagle hasn't only made our best-of—NY Mag dubbed this gay hotspot the best leather bar in the city back in 2002. Located off the West Side Highway in Chelsea, an area already saturated with LGBTQ nightlife, this fetish-friendly staple has nonetheless stood the test of time. Operating originally as a longshoreman's pub in the 1930s, The Eagle (formerly "Eagle Open Kitchen") reinvented itself as a "leather/levi" destination following the Stonewall Riots. Today, you can stop in for a drink or check out one of their popular theme nights: including Hanky Tuesday, Jockstrap Wednesday, and Pup Friday. Full calendar here. (Abigail Rowe)

The Eagle is located at 554 West 28th Street between 10th and 11th Avenues in Chelsea (646-473-1866,

The Stonewall Inn (TheStonewallInnNYC)

STONEWALL INN: No guide to the city's gay bar scene would be complete without a nod to the historic Stonewall Inn. Now an official New York City landmark, this West Village tavern launched the pride movement on June 28th, 1969, after continued police harassment against the gay community finally reached a tipping point. Stonewall is naturally packed during Pride week (the parade takes place on the anniversary of the riots), so be prepared to get up close and personal with fellow bar-goers this weekend. Read up on more Stonewall's history here. (Abigail Rowe)

Stonewall is located at 53 Christopher Street between Waverly Place and West 4th Street in the West Village (212-488-2705,

THE COCK: This aptly-named East Village bar is divey as hell—peruse Yelp for vivid illustrations of how "sleazy," "dirty," "grimy," and "smelly" the space is, along with some slightly more graphic hookup descriptions—and certainly not for the faint of heart. It's also not the kind of place you bring your straight male friends, or host a bachelorette party. But for those who brave the Cock, this hole-in-the-wall is the real deal. You will probably watch at least five people have sex before you get your hands on your first beer, but hey, we're all adults here.

The Cock is located at 29 2nd Avenue between East 1st and 2nd Streets in the East Village (212-473-9406,

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