While we all know germs are everywhere, there's nothing like a new scaremongering report to remind us that we're probably eating food covered in fecal matter every day.

The latest reminder comes from an ABC News report that declares we're sitting on E. coli and squeezing lemon-soaked human fecal matter into our iced teas whenever we dine out. You know, probably. The report lists off the top ten germ-infested surfaces in restaurants around the country—though they only swabbed ten surfaces in ten restaurants in three states.

1. Seats
2. Menus
3. Lemon wedges
4. Salt and pepper shakers
5. Tables
6. Rims of glasses
7. Bathroom door knobs
8. Bathroom faucets
9. Ketchup bottles
10. Salad bar tongs

For more on germ-laced garnishes, revisit the Today show's eye-opening 2008 report: "Stop! Is that poop on your lemon?"

[via Daily News]