Bagels are serious business in this city, particularly since they're absolute trash almost anywhere else (Hot Bagels in Fair Lawn, NJ, you guys get a pass, keep up the good work!) We've rounded up our favorite bagel shops before, and that list still stands. This year, though, we've compiled a list of the best bagel sandwiches in the city, where delectable bread halos anoint sumptuous spreads, proteins and tomato slices. Here are our favorites; as always, share your vitriol in the comments.

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SUPER HEEBSTER AT RUSS & DAUGHTERS: Russ & Daughters's Super Heebster is the stuff of legend, a mammoth $12 masterpiece packed with whitefish and baked salmon salad. A feisty schmear of horseradish dill cream cheese gives this baby a real kick, amplified all the more by a dollop of wasabi flying fish roe. And the whole thing is held together by a bagel sourced from Bagel Hole, which is one of the best bagel shops in this city (and gets its own blurb a little farther down). If the Super Heebster is just too much, you can knock it down to a roe-less Heebster for $10.

Russ & Daughters is located at 179 East Houston Street near Orchard Street on the Lower East Side (212-475-4880, You can also score a Super Heebster at the Russ & Daughters Cafe, located at 127 Orchard Street.

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SABLE BAGEL AT BLACK SEED: Black Seed's eensy bagels wowed us when they debuted last year (and we're not easily impressed). And while they serve up a slew of praiseworthy sandwiches—Two Eggs, Beet Cured Salmon, and Ricotta, to name a few—our favorite is the spectacular Sable. At $15-a-pop, this decadent concoction doesn't come cheap, but it is a thing to behold: silky sable sits atop rich cream cheese peppered with lox, complete with a fresh bright onion to add some snap. Pro tip: grab extra napkins.

Black Seed is located at 170 Elizabeth Street between Spring and Kenmare Streets in Nolita (212-730-1950,

STURGEON AT BARNEY GREENGRASS: This UWS spot is a bagels & fish institution, and the puffy sandwiches doled out here still deserve praise after a full century. And while you can't go wrong with basic nova lox here, there's a reason Barney Greengrass is known as The Sturgeon King—the smoked sturgeon here is rich and buttery, just like it should be, and even non-fish fiends will appreciate its delicate taste and texture, though you can also option for a sturgeon scramble if you'd prefer. The bad news is that this sandwich costs $19.25, but it's worth just one visit, lest you be forced to turn in your New Yorker badge.

Barney Greengrass is located at 541 Amsterdam Avenue between 86th and 87th Streets on the Upper West Side (212-724-4707,

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MYSTIC PIZZA BAGEL AT BAZ BAGEL & RESTAURANT: There's no end to the controversy surrounding pizza bagels, but if you're the kind of person who can stomach this kind of crime against food, Baz's incarnation is well worth a try. This $10 sandwich hangs heavy with tomato, thick, melted mozzarella cheese, and fresh basil, and though it's no Sicilian slice from L&B Spumoni Gardens, it will suffice. Sadly, this pizza bagel will not be served to you by baby Julia Roberts, but a person can dream.

Baz Bagel is located at 181 Grand Street between Baxter Street and Centre Market Place in Little Italy (212-335-0609,

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BAGELS & LOX AT ABSOLUTE BAGELS: Naturally, one of the city's best bagel shops whips up one of the city's best bagel-and-lox combinations, described by UWS Bagel Expert Ben Yakas as "like scooping up pearls from the sea with the skin of a salmon." Opt for any kind of bagel—everything, sesame, plain, whatever, they're all grand—plain cream cheese and lox, and note that this heaping pile of heaven and happiness will run you $10.83.

Absolute Bagels is located at 2788 Broadway between 107th and 108th Street on the Upper West Side (212-932-2052,

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BACON, EGG & CHEESE AT DAVID'S BAGELS: David's and neighboring Ess-A-Bagel have been at odds for years, at least according to customers who claim you must declare loyalty to one or the other, never both. Luckily, there's no contest when it comes to bacon, egg-and-cheeses, for David's is the superior sandwich, and that's all there is to it. $3.50 gets you a handsome helping of hot egg and melted cheese wrapped around thick slices of bacon, all smushed between halves of one of David's' exemplary carb pillows. Plus, you rarely have to suffer through the same long lines you might find a few blocks up. Bagels for everyone!

David's Bagels is located at 273 1st Avenue between 16th and 17th Streets in Gramercy (212-780-2308,

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SCALLION CREAM CHEESE & LOX AT BAGEL HOLE: Bagel Hole has long since been one of the city's finest producers of ethereal circle breads, and their bagel-and-lox offerings don't disappoint. Opt for the very fresh, very piquant scallion cream cheese, provided you are not planning on kissing anyone within a few hours—$7.30 gets you one of their famed infinity breadsticks filled with the good stuff, plus a heaping of fresh, tasty smoked salmon.

Bagel Hole is located at 400 Seventh Avenue between 12th and 13th Street in Park Slope, Brooklyn (718-788-4014,

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TUNA MELT AT ESS-A-BAGEL: Ess-A-Bagel is some serious giant bagel royalty round these parts, and it's hard to choose just one sandwich creation to rule them all. For the sake of diversity, we'll opt for the $7.50 tuna melt, for it is delicious, filling, and full of cheese. And tuna. These are both good things to eat, and even better to eat together. Note that Ess-A-Bagel's current Gramercy space isn't long for this world, though thankfully they'll be moving to new digs nearby.

Ess-A-Bagel has two locations in Manhattan: 359 1st Ave at 21st Street in Gramercy (212-260-2252, and at 831 3rd Ave between 50th and 51st Street in Midtown East (212-980-1010,

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BIRTHDAY CAKE CREAM CHEESE AT TOMPKINS SQUARE BAGELS: You can't go wrong with plain cream cheese at Tompkins Square Bagels, since these little bread wheels are tasty just as they are. But the birthday cake cream cheese served here is something special, especially if you've got a sweet tooth, complete with rainbow sprinkles mix into the rich cream. Spread it on a french toast bagel for added breakfast decadence—this little ditty'll run you about $4.

Tompkins Square Bagels is located at 165 Avenue A between 10th and 11th Streets in the East Village (646-351-6520,

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AVOCADO JACK AT BROOKLYN BAGEL & COFFEE COMPANY: There's a lot to love about this Queens-based bagel chainlet, aside from its misleading name. We're particularly big fans of the breakfast sandwiches, and anything chorizo-based is truly welcome. But the $5.75 avocado jack bagel's a real winner, made with piping hot egg, avocado and pepper jack cheese. The health wealth of California's greatest fruit balances out some of the carb-and-dairy weight, right?

Brooklyn Bagel has three locations in Queens and one in Manhattan; visit their website for details.