If news that certain types of meat would probably give you cancer had you eyeing the seafood isle, you're not alone. But it's a new day and there's a new study set to ruin everything! This time, it's all about salmon.

Oceana, who've previously ruined cheap sushi and made us depressed about dolphins, released their latest study that reveals widespread fraud and mislabeling of salmon products in the US.

During the off-season of 2013-2014, the ocean advocacy group collected and tested 82 samples from stores and restaurants, discovering that nearly half had been mislabeled in some way. Through DNA testing, the group confirmed that 43% of samples were either farmed Atlantic salmon being touted as wild salmon or labels misidentifying the species of salmon. In New York City, 37% of samples were mislabeled in some way, in Chicago 38% and in Washington DC a whopping 45%.

So why do we care? In addition to consumers being ripped off when buying the mislabeled fish, fisherman also feel the burn when salmon prices drop from cheap farmed product flushing the market. Farmed salmon is also kinda yucky, as farms feed the animals dye to attain that pink color and fish in cramped quarters can easily spread disease.

The group concluded that consumers were better off buying salmon when the wild stuff is in season—mostly mid to late summer—when fraud rates dropped. Or buy from larger grocery stores who require greater transparency on their products. Restaurants were also a huge culprit, accounting for 38% of mislabeled fish versus 7% at grocery stores. Restaurants are misleading us too? Psh.