We're still working all the meat out of our system from Saturday's Gothamist-Serious Eats/AHT QBQ BBQ II, but we hope that those of you who made it had a good time. Thankfully, the forecasted rain held off as we served about 150 pounds of beef (600 burgers) during the event. A special thanks to Harry Hawk, the staff at Water Taxi Beach and some assistants from Gothamist, Serious Eats and A Hamburger Today, Six Apart, and for everyone who came out for the event. Apologies for the early line and beer flow issues.

For additional coverage, check out Adam's wrap-up at AHT, Jason Perlow's excellent in-depth coverage at Off the Broiler (he's got audio, video, and photos) and that was probably awkward's post about the event.

A few more photos after the jump.





Photos from top to bottom by md76 on flickr (QBQ BBQ ticket), Jason Perlow (onion burger), md76 on flickr (pimento cheese bowl), Jason Perlow (pimento cheese burger), Dan Dickinson on flickr (application of butter to butter burger), Jake Dobkin (of Jen Chung), Jake Dobkin (of Matt Jacobs)