2005_03_food_peep1.jpgGothamist always eagerly anticipates the Easter Bunny's annual visit. Not only does it mean we get to gorge ourselves on Cadbury Creme Eggs and Peeps (which we don't go anywhere near the rest of the year or we'd be bouncing off the walls), but even more so than the sugar high, we can look forward to a delectable meal. But where to go? Well, for starters, New York Magazine highlights a few spots for Easter pastries and breads, Italian style, which always makes for a good start, or at least can serve as a snack to hold you over until the main event -- the Easter brunch or dinner. Several restaurants are offering special Easter menus. Gothamist is going to Lupa to enjoy their four-course Easter feast courtesy of chef Mark Ladner, featuring Roman Easter soup with lamb meatballs, among other dishes.

Although many folks eat lamb on Easter (and we've given you some ideas if you want to go that route), if you're craving ham, you can go to any of the spots rounded up in the Sunday's Times, order one straight from Virginia, or even cook one yourself. The Daily News gives us four ham recipes from local chefs, each with a twist from a different part of the globe. Didier Virot of Aix laces his French ham with lavender, Michael White of Fiamma serves his up Tuscan-style, Mark Lugris, chef at El Faro, adds garlic and oregano for a Spanish touch, and Manuel Trevino of Dos Caminos Soho creates a Mexican glazed ham, complete with jalapenos. Whichever you choose, you'll at least have room for a jellybean or two.

Gothamist hung out with the Peeps Fun Bus last Easter. We're still recovering from all the sugar.