A mobile cart hawking Austin-style breakfast tacos will be wheeling into the Financial District in November, offering three different types of egg-based fillings in tortillas. King David Tacos, which began as a taco catering business a year ago run by Liz Solomon Dwyer and husband Nate, has been on an expansion spree of late. The taco pushers first popped up in Rockaway this summer, serving tacos and "Queso Shooters" out of Rippers for a few weeks. Then it was the opening of their first cart as one of three vendors operating in Prospect Park.

Mannahatta Park—a "park" so small even the NYC Parks Department didn't deign to describe it on their website—is the latest beneficiary of KDT's wares. The KDT cart will be stationed mornings at Water and Wall Streets, selling foil-wrapped tacos and bottles of Topo Chico mineral water, the "La Croix of Texas," according to Dwyer.

The tacos come in three flavors: BPEC (bacon, potato, egg and cheese), the vegetarian Queen Bean (homemade refried beans, potato, egg and cheese), and Or’izo (Mexican chorizo, potato, egg and cheese). All three are served on flour tortillas—"the Austin tradition calls for flour tortillas first and foremost," according to KDT—that are shipped from Texas, with picante and verde salsas served on the side.

Sadly, no queso at the carts—shockingly, Dwyer says NYC customers have been skeptical of molten cheese on their tacos in the morning—but hold out hope that one day that will change.

The cart will only operate Monday through Friday, 6 a.m. to 10 a.m., but it will be in place year-round.