Iced coffee season is gearing up, but plastic straws may be on the way out. More restaurants and cafes are looking for ways to phase out or replace the disposable suction devices. Restaurateur Danny Meyer made one of the largest announcements on the issue, tweeting that all Union Square Hospitality Group restaurants would be replacing plastic straws with biodegradable ones.

Americans use 500 million disposable straws a day, and they are terrible for the environment. Disposable straws almost always either wind up in landfills, or in the ocean, where they can end up torturing innocent turtles.

So we want to know about your straw habits and straw plans for the summer. Do you have an office straw that you use throughout the week? Do you carry a metal straw with you wherever you go? Or are you burning through three or four plastic straws a day because you're a monster who refuses to take responsibility for your impact on our planet's delicate web of life?

Are you planning to go cold turkey on straws this summer?

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Correction: This story previously stated that disposable straws are recyclable in New York City. They aren't.