It's pretty clear by now that the SLA, Chuck Schumer and the FDA have gone about this ban of caffeinated alcohol drinks in completely the wrong way. Instead of educating minors on the dangers of binge drinking, or requiring that any alcoholic beverage with a 12% ABV be available only in liquor stores, they decided to ruin the fun for legal adults wanting to indulge in the disgusting, cloying madness that is drinking a Four Loko by banning it everywhere. But dem's the breaks, and now CBS 2 is reporting on Yonkers police cracking down on bodegas selling the drink to kids. Because as we've learned, when a teenager demands alcohol, you're required to sell it to them.

Police in Yonkers found that while most bodegas they checked wouldn't sell the drink to their 17-year-old undercover agent, the agent did manage to get his hands on a can when he found a bodega whose counters were being run by fellow teenagers. “That’s pretty scary,” James Lloyd of the Yonkers Police Department said. "Teens selling this to teens, that’s not good." The teens who sold the Four Loko are expected to face charges, and the bodega will face fines from the SLA.

The undercover teen also said, “My goal is to stop teens around my age from buying these Four Loko drinks. They’re not healthy for you — not healthy for you at all." Get ready for a lot of wedgies, kid! Next up, the undercover teen makes sure no kids ever get their hands on Jolly Ranchers or Sprite.