A 16-year-old chef whose culinary capabilities far outshine our well-honed adult Eggo-toasting skills will serve New Yorkers 14 tasting courses to the tune of $160-per-person, at his new permanent West Village pop-up that'll debut this month. You know, like most kids do.

Starting September 12th, Flynn McGarry, age 16, will serve up his extra-fancy signature dishes three nights a week at the Creative Edge space on Barrow Street—he's been regularly hosting a dinner series, dubbed Eureka, at his parents' home in Los Angeles, and has thrown a few pop-up dinners in New York over the last year or so as well. Food & Wine reports that the menu will include dishes like sea-water-brined sea urchin with carrot cremeaux and coffee-pickled carrots and peanut Ritz crackers with foie gras terrine and sour cherry compote, only half of which are words I understand, and that the $160 menu has the option of an $80 wine pairing.

I had the opportunity to sample some of McGarry's creations at a Eureka pop-up last year, and the food was more than impressive, if the presentation a little affected. It's certainly monumental that someone whose peers are Snapchatting photos of their first rolled joints to one another, or whatever the kids are doing, is opening his own restaurant. But there's also been some earned controversy. While most burgeoning chefs spend their teen years
washing dishes in restaurant kitchens and stealing pre-made desserts from walk-in freezers, McGarry's parents are well-connected in the L.A. community and hooked their son up with a custom-designed kitchen, thousands of dollars worth of cooking gear, and a rotating cast of prominent diners.

Still, the kid can cook—you can book a reservation online if you've got some cash lying around and want in on the E X P E R I E N C E.