The poor, poor Tavern on the Green. After the city unceremoniously kicked out the famous restaurant's former operators the place has just not had any luck. The first operator the city picked to run the joint backed off, a food cart area in the garden bombed (even with booze), and the poor dear has spent the last 18 months suffering the indignity of housing a Central Park Visitor Center. At least come Wednesday those days will be over—but still, don't expect to buy an overpriced dinner there anytime soon.

Next week the city is closing the Visitors Center to start a massive, year-long, $9.8 million renovation of the space in preparation for a new restaurant. Only problem? The city still hasn't decided who is going to run that restaurant (not many people were actually interested). But we guess that is neither here nor there.

Joe Soldevere, a spokesman for the New York City Department of Design and Construction, said the new renovation — to be completed in the summer of 2013 — will restore the building’s historic facade, install a new slate roof, upgrade mechanical systems and spruce up the core and shell of the structure in preparation for its occupancy by a new concessionaire.

Sigh. We're all for saving "historic facades" and what have you but really, we wish they'd just bring back the damn Crystal Room already. Even a Donald Trump-run Tavern would be better than no Tavern at all.