Last night was the Gothamist-A Hamburger Today QBQ BBQ at Water Taxi Beach that, despite the weather, was a great success. There was a great turnout with people sampling four different burgers and some also eating an elk burger. In fact, Gothamist is still recovering from our meat induced coma! The first interpretive burger on the menu was the Motz Burger, followed by the Guber Burger, the Green Chile Cheeseburger and finally the Butter Burger. Gothamist can say that we ate each of the interpretive burgers and our favorite had to be the Green Chile burger. With peppers shipped from New Mexico and a cheddar cheese on top, these burgers had just the right amount of spice to them. We also enjoyed the Motz Burger (a 1/4 lb burger with Schnack Sauce). The Guber Burger was interesting, but we almost wish the peanut butter taste was a little stronger. The final burger of the night was the butter burger. Some people loved it, but for us it was just way too much butter. Maybe it was the fact that we had one of the first Butter Burgers, but we could just feel our arteries tighten after each bite.

In addition to the tasty burgers, there was also a screening of George Motz's Hamburger America, which the crowd loved (except maybe for the deep fried burger part). The documentary features eight restaurants that met the criteria for the movie: serving a burger for over 40 years and using fresh meat. The tribute burgers from last night used freshly ground Angus chuck.

A special thanks to Adam and Matty at A Hamburger Today, George Motz, Harry Hawk and the wonderful staff of Water Taxi Beach, and all the people that came out to the event.

Don't forget to check out Jason Perlow's (of eGullet) post about last night's event and a podcast with Adam Kuban, George Motz and Josh Ozersky.

Photos by Tien Mao