Photo by Jen Carlson/Gothamist

We have taste tested a lot of questionable culinary creations here at Gothamist HQ, but this may have put even the bravest tasters to the test. For this installment, we dug in to the most unnatural of all bagels: the Candy Corn bagel. The bagel makers at Williamsburg's bagel shop recently came up with the idea, telling us the recipe is a secret, and flip-flopping on whether or not real Candy Corns are included in the mix. The consensus amongst Gothamist staff is that they don't have an authentic Candy Corn taste:

  • "It tastes like diabetes. I need an insulin shot."
  • "Just the look of it is shocking, both outside and inside. I wasn't really able to taste the Candy Corn and for me it tasted more like coconut."
  • "It's not bad, but I'm not in love. I really don't like Candy Corn so luckily this bagel doesn't taste anything like candy corn (to me). It tastes like a sweet coconut bagel. The cream cheese balances it out a little."
  • "Better than expected, but doesn't taste like Candy Corn. Very coconut-y!"
  • "It's not as gross as I expected."
  • "Jesus. That just tastes like sugar. So sweet, cloying, like cotton candy. If I didn't know it was supposed to be Candy Corn, I would think more like cotton candy... pure sugar."

The seasonal bagel is only available for a limited time, and unless you're a purist, we recommend pairing it with whipped cream cheese.